Application Overide Settings

Is Music Controls Pro compatible with iPhone OS 2.x?

Sorry, Music Controls is compatible with OS 3.x and iOS4+ only.

Is a demo version available?

Music Controls comes with both a 5-day fully functional trial as well as a non-expiring demo. You can start the trial by navigating to the Registration Settings pane for Music Controls. The non-expiring demo only supports Pandora and doesn't support statusbar, headset, or dock controls.

Where can I purchase Music Controls?

Music Controls can be purchased through either the Cydia Store, which accepts payment from PayPal and Amazon, or directly from this site through PayPal.

I don't see an icon for Music Controls! How do I change it's settings?

Music Controls settings are available in the Settings app. If you do not see it, make sure that PreferenceLoader is installed and not disabled.

I've purchased Music Controls, but it's still in demo mode.

In order to activate Music Controls, do the following:

Do I lose my registration information if I restore my phone?

We cache information about your phone when you first register. You shouldn't even need to navigate to the Registration Settings pane to reactivate.

How do I quit a program?

By default, closing a music app when the music is paused will kill the application, as well as when five seconds have elapsed from when the popup controls are dismissed and no music is playing. You can also use SBSettings' Processses.

Another application is laggy when the status bar is scrolling.

Disable 'Scroll Title' in the Status Bar category.

The statusbar controls are getting in the way of ...

Under Application Overrides, you can specify programs that the statusbar controls will not appear in.

I don't see controls on the lockscreen - I only see artwork and the song name.

Double-tap the home button to see the controls.

Can you add support for ...?

We're always interested in knowing what other programs people would like to use with Music Controls. Use the Contact form to let us know what you'd like supported.

If your question was not answered, use the "support" form.