With the upcoming release of iOS 4, many people have asked me about the future of Music Controls. Here is the roadmap for this project:

  • Release an iOS 4 compatible version.

This is free for all existing customers, and is currently available. This will receive minor bugfixes only until the iPad has a jailbroken version of iOS 4. If a supported app breaks after that point, it's simply no longer supported.

  • Release Music Controls Pro.

While I haven't made any firm decisions, upgrade costs from the original Music Controls will be kept reasonable and will be based on the original purchase date. All the new features I'm developing will be available only in this Pro version, and I'm certain I already have enough ideas planned to make it worthwhile to get the Pro version.

The first feature I will be bringing to the Pro version is basic DACP control - use Remote, available in the AppStore for free, to control your device over WiFi. So don't start selling off your old iPhones yet; intead, hook them up to your stereo as a mini network music player.

Thanks for your support this past year! I hope you will continue to support my work for another year, and if you do, I guarantee you'll be adding some cool features to your iPhone above and beyond what Apple offers on their own.